Monday, February 28, 2011

ten in 2010

blessings last year, 2010!

(these are just some, of course, there's a whole lot more)

(not particularly in any order)

1. tatay and nanay's physical healing

2. life and biz lessons

3. roof above our heads, food on the table, daily provisions

4. learned about vegetarianism, including raw food (i haven't really practiced it yet, but i've tried)

5. tried brazilian ju jitsu for a night (sana maulit this year)

6. rekindled interest in muay thai (kahit as a spectator lang muna, hehe)

7. lost some excess fat (yipee! naka 6 pounds ako)

8. met new people

9. tweety and musang

10. of course, family and friends are always a blessing.

thank you Lord for the years that passed! =)

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